Thursday, July 19, 2012


Welcome to my blog on Shared Earning/Shared Parenting Marriage, also called Peer Marriage.

My goal with this blog is to look at certain legal, political and economic aspects of this type of marriage and family.  There are a lot of great blogs out there already on how to do this, such as, and a lot of experts who have tackled various aspects of this in books, news articles and other forums, such as the Council on Contemporary Families and the Third Path Institute, With this blog, I hope to add to this a bit of information on the way this family structure is recognized (or not recognized) in our political economy in tax, benefits, parental leave, legal and other issues.

I hope to assemble a list of questions that people who have or aspire to this type of marriage can use in the 2012 election season with candidates (or if any candidates are reading this, that they can consider making part of their platforms).  There are some ways this type of family is discriminated against in our political economy, and this is an effort to end that type of discrimination.

Although the blog will focus primarily on U.S. issues, it will also focus some on state issues.  In particular, because I am from Colorado, and Colorado will likely be debating a civil unions bill in our legislature this upcoming year that may have positive ramifications for people wanting to set up this type of family (the civil unions will be available to both heterosexual and same sex couples), I will be focusing some on that issue as well.

In the meantime, to find out more background on this type of family and marriage, see my next post "What Is Shared Earning/Shared Parenting Marriage?"



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